Vintage Beauty: Louise Brooks


 “A well dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world.” 

― Louise Brooks



Crushin’ on Christina Ricci.

 It’s Wednesday!Image

” I’m a homicidal maniac. They look just like everybody else”.

Wednesday Addams, Uh-huh! 

I miss Christina Ricci. She never seemed naive, a goody to shoes or sugar coated and she is definitely brilliant and a certified badass since the age of 12. That’s why I love her. Christina Ricci has played an extensive variety of characters, but it’s the dark ones she’s best known for and since it’s Wednesday, it’s truly destiny!  

Looking her best in her signature black color.


 Her dark, romantic style is undeniably breathtaking ,this is definitely one in Zac Posen.


 In Johnathan Saunder’s dress attending the 2012 Elle Style Awards


 Beauty spread for Elle Magazine


 Navel- showing chic at Marc Jacobs Fall Fashion Show in NYC.